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Remote Online Lessons

Using Zoom Video

Online Guitar lessons are growing in popularity, as the sessions offer learners greater flexibility, and it broadens the scope of people I can teach. I am confident that just as much progress can be made during remote lessons as face to face.


Online sessions can be very effective for people who are overseas or unable to travel. I love that coaching online means that I can support my clients no matter their circumstances or location.

I use the free video conferencing platform Zoom. It is extremely reliable with almost no noticeable time delay. Before your remote lesson, just create a Zoom account, luckily it's quick, easy and free.

As I also work as a session musician, I have studio grade equipment such as microphones that I run through Zoom, meaning that you should be able to hear everything I am saying and playing perfectly clearly as if you were in the room with me.

All you need is a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet equipped with a camera, and a stable internet connection.

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